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So how are the cool entrepreneurs doing? We hope your businesses are generating many many profit and of course you'll be happy and healthy. Hehe.

For Income-ing section this time, we would like to highlight a business that we can say is just started. This business name given is "CAMPUS LIFE 187". So what is so cool about this business? Let's ask one of the founders; Ahmad Farid bin Sainuri.

How did you find this very business idea of yours?
"It was first proposed by a close friend of mine from Institut Perguruan Gaya Kota Kinabalu; Mr Hafifi who is selling tees for the future teacher in his institute.Somehow I found that the idea can be expanded into a larger scale business. I mean, selling tees to any high education institution in all over Malaysia and the tees design will be related to the institution itself provided under the brand CAMPUS LIFE."

How your business was started?
"The brand exist since 2007, called "187Clothing". This is a sub project to the current clothing line. How? You'll know if you are in the "indie" scene 05-07. Haha. It's pretty much like CAMPUS LIFE is a continuity of 187Clothing."

In running the business, what troubles did you went through?
"Issues with tees printer, distributors, and time management maybe? The business is so addictive and fun. You'll never know you were already in front of your laptop for almost 3-5 hours straight designing. Haha. I would like to share a simple rules in this kind of business from johnnycupcakes (a high quality clothing line):

1. Don't rush -- First impressions are everything. 
2. Don't hire your friends -- It's not as easy as it seems and can lead to losing your friend(s). 
3. It's not about the money, it's about being happy doing what you love -- Make sure you're doing something you enjoy.
They got very cool designs!

How your business is doing?
"It's getting very very positive responses from the targeted IPTs. It's doing great I could say. In this very short term we have introduced this business, we already got about 40 bulk orders, and currently we are working on that orders."
The price is also affordable.

What is your future plan for the business?
"To sell all over Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia colleges and universities. Maybe we'll recruit talented designers from all over the world to join CAMPUS LIFE thus creating a community among students not only to wear the same brand tees but to share thoughts and ideas via CAMPUS LIFE."

See how a little creative twist in other normal business idea brings you new profitable business? We keep saying this; entrepreneurship is a simple and fun world. Never limit your creativity. For those who are interested to know more about this business, you can contact through;


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