Getting to know this Indonesian fashionist,Miss Diana Rikasari. Her job in marketing and advertisement industry doesn't stop her interest in fashion. Just see her collections and style. Playful and colorful choices of garment make her unique. As well as her mix and match make her splendid! This blog can be a wonderful reference for all girls as it shows us so many style..Chic,hot n spicy,workaholic,rock and what can i say is you can expect so much more. The most important thing is she`s willing to share and maybe that's why people love her! and the stores love her too. Check them out in her Fashion Diary.
She started her blog in 2007, such a young and innocent young girl. In 3 years time, she grew up as well as her blog too. Online stores are her friends. She help them out by promoting the store in her blog. Many magazines wrote about her blog. Like Remaja magazine in Malaysia and tonnes of Indonesia magazines. She was also invited by Wondershoe, as the flat shoe designer.

Some of her achievement, Fabbest Fashion Blog in TI`C Annual Style Award 09, Brand ambassador of IM3, featured in Ouch! Magazine, 1st rank in Top 100 Indonesian Blog, Featured in Sister Magazine, Featured in Girlfriend Magazine and so much more.
From blogger to designer, with her magic wand, she could turn old stuff into absolutely awesome piece with some studs, glue and bleach in DIY section.

And fyi,she had her own collection!! its THE SHOP..just browse the entire section from her blog and you can find so much more than just cloth. Its the entire wardrobe for girls..

So,what are you waiting for?Go gor now!

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